Avril lavigne ve Melisa Yaman

Avril lavigne ve Melisa Yaman

benonu çok söviyorum siz de öyle değilmi ? EVET ! EVET! EVET!

    Liebe Charme - Civilizations


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    Liebe Charme - Civilizations

    Mesaj  Admin Bir Perş. Haz. 10, 2010 5:28 pm

    will be
    Soon everything will be
    you play bump stolen
    Let us all listen to all
    the world are groaning
    Do you open the phone rings?
    I'm so afraid I can not turn detonate ...

    run run run away from them
    run run run saves lives

    What do they want
    crazy down of course
    I do not leave questions blank
    I will go back

    let them look at you
    ship repeat
    aircraft flying at the speed of
    managed to escape from them!

    What do they want
    questions can not be left blank
    I will go back

    I drank, I drank, I've inserted into
    As is tempted to hit my fucking eyes
    ohh ohh ohh!
    do not answer the phone?

    you look like or be as you look

    Always look look look to someone

    are you sick

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