Avril lavigne ve Melisa Yaman

Avril lavigne ve Melisa Yaman

benonu çok söviyorum siz de öyle değilmi ? EVET ! EVET! EVET!

    Liebe Charme- Treason Agains All


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    Liebe Charme- Treason Agains All

    Mesaj  Admin Bir Ptsi Eyl. 27, 2010 9:23 pm

    verything is going as you can here’s my world
    Did you create all
    I also did not know that you did not create

    but do not love no mercy
    just want to feel good that you always beside me also have
    only love
    only favor
    why not
    I want you again
    I am going to go for

    Let’s live this moment again and again
    I will not be without you Why did you use?
    was enough of a smile to me
    but I still love you, t the end of the screw

    treason against all

    I think everything will be a gun case
    I think death is not now.

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